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"What a treat to find a fishing outpost where fishing was only half the adventure. Due North provided us with first rate accommodations where half the fun was watching the wildlife, looking at waterfalls and exploring the nearby portage lakes. Twenty four years of spring fishing in Canada and I finally broke the 26 inch mark with a walleye! Every spring I contact the fishing crew and say - It's time to point'er north. From now on I'll be saying - It's time to point'er Due North!"

--Daryl Hulce, Florida

Members of the 2013 Master Angler Club

Aaron Weidenbaum Jim Martin Alec Jackman
Bill Partin Jim Richardson Alec Pfeffer
Bob Fisch Jim Schindhelm Bill Auberle
Bob McGrane Jim Tiller Bill Partin
Bob Weske John Faber Brian Malo
Bruce Myhre John Shephard Chuck Englebert
Cary Thelen Karen Lawrence Dave Adams
Chad Hamman Kelly Krause Dave Mack
CJ Kusper Kevin Moeller Don Partin
Dan Dronberger Larry Krainz Dustin Kraag
Dave Annen Mark Lane Fred Krammer
Dave Dycus Mark Lawrence Gene Snyder
Dave Pfeffer Marshall Hall Glenn Jasionowski
Dean Voss Marv Theis Jerry Malo
Denny Friederichs Matt Humphrey Jevne Arreazola
Derrick Burley Michael Fadlovich Jim Martin
Devin Copeland Milo Breunig Jim Richardson
Dick Rominski Nathan Hellyer Jim Schindhelm
Don Glassel Ralph Bogner Joel Muller
Don Kachkowski Ray Landes John Faber
Don Trimble Ray McAllister John Noreus
Doug Fairhall Rod Ball John Sabatka
Doug Lane Ron Trilling Josh Smith
Elson Strickland Scott Wedemeier Keaton Arreazola
Fred Krammer Shawn Blackburn Mark Lawrence
Gene Jasionowski Shelley Yearley Mark Raymond
Glenn Jasionowski Steve Baumgartel Ralph Bogner
Gord Mitchell Tony Dadswell Ray Landes
Greg Jenks Travis Kraag Rian Arreazola
Jay Sabatka Trevor Draper Ron Strickland
Jerry Ball Shelley Yearley
Jerry Malo Steve Larson
Jerry Ziels Terry Eck
Jevne Arreazola Tony Kowal
Jim Jaques Trevor Ball