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“We had a fantastic time! I don't think Chris and I have stopped talking about it since. I think my wife would like to choke me as I am seriously considering a return trip and I have a feeling the rest of the group is considering it also. There may even be a few more guys; I detected a little jealously from some friends and family when they heard about the great time we had.  Thank you for your hospitality and professionalism.  This was my first fishing trip to Canada and I can honestly say you run a most excellent outfit.”


--Jeremy Damgaard, Iowa

Members of the 2010 Master Angler Club

Albert Rall Jim Van Auken Andy Langenfeld
Alex Wenner Joe Kanka Bill Sibean
Alexa Strickland Joe Spinler Bob Kallestad
Andy Langenfeld Joel Muller Bruce Myhre
Bill Bichteman John Leary Byron Maggraw
Bob Diverte John Skaden Carl Thelen
Brian Eppmeyer Josh Schultz Cary Pellowski
Bruce Myhre Keaton Arreazola Craig Clefisch
Bruce Schmidt Keith Gibson Dave Adams
Bryan Denekas Kelly Krause Dave Welch
Byron Maggrah Kory Sutter Denny Friederichs
Carl Thelen Kyla Strickland Dick Rominski
Chad Swanepoel Lance Wile Drew Hamilton
Check Wenner Larry Krainz Eric Mack
Chris Armenti Larry Wile Gary Hartwig
Chris Martin Laura Radtke Gregg Schmidt
Chris Sawicki Mark Greer Jack Ostrowski
Chuck Kane Mark Keicker Jason Androli
Craig Clefisch Mark Partin Jeff Sills
Dale Schniederman Mark Seward Jerry Ball
Dan Andrechuk Mark Wangerin Jevne Arreazola
Daniel Mueller Marv Theis Jim Miller
Dave Freitag Matt Radtke Jim Oak
Dave Pfeffer Mike Schilleman John Lynch
Dave Walechka Nathaniel Wenner Keaton Arreazola
David Mack Neal Pehrson Larry Wile
Denny Friederichs Nicholas Lynch Mark Lane
Dick Cook Patrick Cullen Mark Lawrence
Dick Osgood Patrick Williams Marshall Hall
Dick Rominski Patty Thelen Mary Thelen
Don Partin Paul Stratch Rian Arreazola
Don Theis Phil Holdread Rich Warner
Doug Fairhall Ralph Bogner Rodney Ball
Doug Kloss Reinhard Mueller Ryan Polter
Drew Hamilton Richard Greer Scott Schroeder
Elson Strickland Rick Davis Stan Schroeder
Eric Mack Rick Haeflinger Steve Peterson
Gary Hamman Rob McGrane Steve Santoro
Gary Hartwig Roy Polkki
George Snooks Russ Schmidt
Gerry Kodet Ryan Ross
Gregg Schmidt Ryan Spaude
Jack Ostrowski Scott Schroeder
James Williams Scott Zuhlke
Jason Androli Steve Baumgartel
Jason Palmer Steve Larson
Jeff Jackman Steve Santoro
Jerry Ball Terry Kahle
Jerry Brown Terry Welder
Jerry Lynch Tom Daugherty
Jerry McCabe Tom Lewinski
Jevne Arreazola Tom Schultz
Jim Gehrig Van Provencher
Jim Martin Will Tinker
Jim Tiller Willy Schultz
Jim Tipple