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“What a trip we had this past June!  It was everything we expected and more with 6 out of 7 in our group landing in your Master Angler club for Walleye and one for a nice Northern.  You were not kidding when you said some guys have a hard time catching in the slot – the fish were huge.  You folks really went out of the way to treat us right.  Thank you for one of the most memorable fishing trips we’ve ever had.  I’ll be back sooner or later and I won’t need to look around or check references – I’ve got an outfitter I can depend on!”


--Sean Purser, Kentucky

Members of the 2009 Master Angler Club

Aram Mazhary Joel Muller Andre Habjan
Art Hogan John Faber Andre Lanthier
Ben Zuern John Madden Cary Pellowski
Bill Scott John Shephard Chuck Kane
Bob Fisch Keith Martin Dan Andrechuk
Bob Weske Kelly Krause Danny Moulds
Brad Jungbluth Kerry Harvey Dave Adams
Brian Baus Kory Sutter Dave Hoese
Brian Eppmeyer Kyle Sutter Don Partin
Bruce Myhre Larry Ketcher Doug Kloss
Bryan Thompson Lee Fohl Doug Lane
Curt Grudzinski Marshall Hall Fred Krammer
Dan Dronberger Marv Theis Gregg Schmidt
Dave Ruge Matt Radtke Jamie Scott
Dave Zuern Mike Fisch Jay Schlomann
Denny Friederichs Mike Holan Jerry Brown
Dick Bossard Paul Rahne Jerry Ziems
Dick Rominski Pete Jungbluth Jevne Arreazola
Don Glassell Phil Aune Joel Muller
Don Trimble Phil Holdread John Shephard
Doug Hoese Phil Hoyt Keaton Arreazola
Fred Krammer Ralph Bogner Larry Ketcher
Gary Hamman Rian Arreazola Larry Krainz
Gary Hartwig Roger Zellmann Louis Giacobbe
Gary Maechtle Ron Schrichton Matt Alexander
Gene Jasionowski Scott Wedemeier Matt Auberle
Greg Zuern Scott Wittenwyler Pete Jungbluth
Gregg Schmidt Steve Baumgartel Ralph Bogner
Hoop VanVeghel Steve Franklin Rick Harrison
Jamie Scott Steve Marino Scott Lang
Jay Alexander Terry Eck Steve Marino
Jerry Ball Tim Danberry Steve Santoro
Jerry Brown Tim Sutter Steve Sawyer
Jerry McCabe Tom "Doc" Madden Tim Cavar
Jevne Arreazola Tom Alery Tom Peterson
Jim Hassett Tom Daugherty Trevor Ball
Jim Oak Tom Peterson Warren Wiedower
Joe Madden Van Provencher
Joe Trainor