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“What a trip we had this past June!  It was everything we expected and more with 6 out of 7 in our group landing in your Master Angler club for Walleye and one for a nice Northern.  You were not kidding when you said some guys have a hard time catching in the slot – the fish were huge.  You folks really went out of the way to treat us right.  Thank you for one of the most memorable fishing trips we’ve ever had.  I’ll be back sooner or later and I won’t need to look around or check references – I’ve got an outfitter I can depend on!”


--Sean Purser, Kentucky

Members of the 2008 Master Angler Club

Al Sowers Jerry McCabe Arreazola Family
Alan McCabe Jevne Arreazola Bill Ford
Andre Lanthier Jim Boller Bill Hosch
Andy Ain Jim Gehrig Bill Myers
Anthony Shock Jim Hall Brian Eppmeyer
Arreazola Family Jim Hartman Bruce Myhre
Barry Norem Jim Hassett Caleb Cray
Bernard Richter Jim Jaques Carl Meisling
Bill Benkstein Jim Kooi Chester Ester
Bill Callaghan Jim Martin Chuck Cornelius
Bill Hudson Jim Slezak Dave Adams
Bob Conard Jim Sublett Gabe Wilkens
Bob Fisch Joe Gauthier Gene Snyder
Bob Kennedy John Nantroup Glen Dunn Sr
Brad Jungbluth John Skaden Jack Ostrowski
Bradley Knoop Jon VanErkel Jake Mastell
Brian Eppmeyer Keith Martin Jason Hutter
Brian Knoop Keith McMahon Jason O'Neill
Brian Peppler Kelly Krause Jeff Gibbs
Bud McCabe Kevin Knoop Jeff Lanthier
Carl Thelen Kory Schank Jeff Lohr
Cary Thelen Kory Sutter Jeremy Aragon
Chad Hamman Kurt Beckons Jim Martin
Chad Wuebben Lance Conard John Sublett
Chester Ester Larry Wile John Wilson
Chris Cecchettini Mark Bigaouette Justin Haney
Chris Kennelly Mark Partin Keaton Arreazola
Chris Lanthier Mark Reynolds Kelly Krause
Chris Lewinski Marv Theis Ken Taylor
Chris Sutter Melissa Horstman Kim Blum
Chris Toneguzzi Merle Anderson Lance Wile
Chuck Kane Michael Marshall Larry Wile
Clint Hodgdon Mike Bayers Lee Theis
Dan Buehler Mike Cavar Mark Meyer
Dan Burgus Mike Kline Mark Seward
Dan Leider Mike Small Mark Shirley
Dave Boex Nate Skalet Marv Theis
Dave Mack Nathan Ingram Mike Small
Dick Fermanian Otto Wrabl Nathan Ingram
Dick Hartung Pete Trainor Nicole Burns
Dick Rominski Phil Swartz Phil Swartz
Don Kachkowski Ray Peterson Ralph Bogner
Don McLain Rian Arreazola Ron Reineck
Don Partin Rich Nadeau Ron Waidelich
Don Theis Rob McGrane Roy Lucas
Earl Halbert Roger Carlsen Ryan Reidl
Gabe Wilkens Ron Carlsen Scott Wedemeier
Gary Hartwig Ron Waidelich Sean Becken
Gene Snyder Rueben Peppler Simon Hall
Geoffrey Burt Ryan Gauthier Steve Wilkens
Gerry Kodet Ryan Reidl Vern Gantner
Ginny Riege Scott Weidemeier Walt Lowe
Glen Dunn Jr Terry Hochbein Will Krintz
Glen Dunn Sr Thadius McMahon
Gregory Lanthier Tim Sweeney
Jacob Honzay Tom Davis
Jason Rice Tom Drews
Jeff Badeau Tom Fermanian
Jeremy Aragon Tom Nowak
Jeromy Kunz Trevor Ball
Jerry Ball Vito Schwartz
Jerry Brown Wayne Smith