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"This will be our 9th year and each year the fish get bigger and the service gets better all while have the time of our lives. We start planning the next year's trip on the way home."

--Denny Bayers, Arizona

Ontario Trophy Walleye Fishing

Walleye (stizostedion vitreum)

Walleye fishing begins the third Saturday of May each year, and remains open for the rest of the season. Our outpost lakes only operate on a conservation basis, which means you may keep and have 2 fish in your possession. Only one of which only one fish may be longer than 18 inches. However, we do request that you not keep any fish over 18 inches in length.

After the season opens for walleye fishing in May and early June, small walleye can be caught in rivers, rapids and at creek openings. Moving water of any sort will be a target area. Minnows are the best live bait to use during this season. The water temperature allows them to survive longer and they are more plentiful to trap. It is always nice to supplement with night-crawlers and artificial baits. Light weight jigs are best (1/8 oz) and make sure you have a variety of colors on hand. The walleye will appear to be thinner during this period.

Prime time begins in mid June and continues through July into mid August. In the summer walleyes may move from weed beds to rocky points and reefs and islands, but remember to always FISH THE WINDY SIDE! Bouncing around in the boat will pay off big-time. The larger lakes tend to hold their walleye fishing best during the hot days of mid summer and fish may go 25 or 30 feet deep (recommended to have some heavier jigs in your box to 3/8 oz). Night-crawlers become the live bait of choice at the outpost camps due to their ability to survive longer in the heat. Be sure to try some tasty leeches on your line for fun. You will be bottom fishing and will want to have some snagless sinkers and floating jigs on hand. Be sure to have some spinners and some artificial bait around to mix it up a bit.

>Mid August through September walleye fishing is a bit slower, but remains good along deep weed beds, main lake reefs, and in fast water. Remember that at this time of year, they may only feed once every couple of days.